About Us

Myhealthkhabar.com is one of the most popular and unique fitness and health website in India that attracts millions of readers from all over the world. Our mission is to enable and inspire wellness every day in the lives of people. Our website focuses not just on the physical wellbeing of people but we also ensure that our readers remain healthy intellectually and emotionally. Our contents focus on diseases and health, fitness and diet, grooming, parenting, relationship and we also offer various home remedies to our readers.

Who Are We?

At Myhealthkhabar.com, we aim at offering real-world and trusted health information to our readers. Our writings are all evidence-based and get collected from the top patient advocates and healthcare providers of the country. Our readers can rely on the information and apply the tips offered in their daily lives for the best results.

Content Expertise: Our editorial team comprises of various accredited journalists of the medical field who expertise in their professions. They always remain updated with the latest medical happenings around the world and the country by conducting various research works and attending medical conferences.

Credibility And Relevance: We understand that when it comes to reading about health-related topics, people always search for the most authentic write-ups. We get our contents reviewed by active healthcare professionals and update the write-ups as per their suggestions and the new developments that take place in the field.

Advisory Board: We have the associations of leading experts in the fields of psychology, mind-body studies, behavioral medicines, and sociology who constantly help our team in designing more informative content for the readers.

Categories Of Fitness And Health That We Focus On:

Here are some of the most popular categories that the contents of our website focus on to offer vital information to the readers.

Health And Diseases: We bring to the people various tips on how to maintain health and combat with diseases. This helps in the overall upliftment of their bodies. You can get inspired after reading the contents and apply the tips to get the best results.

Home Remedies: The treatment of various diseases can take place at home. In this category, we cover the importance of the Ayurveda treatments which are the heritage of India.

Diet And Fitness: In today’s fast-paced world, people must take good care of their diet and fitness daily. We have several useful contents that help people in knowing the vital nutrients that they must include in their daily lives to boost their immunity and overall fitness.

Parenting: This is another vital category that we offer on our page and offer parents with various important tips that make their journey of parenting much smoother and simpler.